LIVE REVIEW: Robbie Williams – Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Robbie Williams Photographed by John Wright

There’s no other showman like Robbie Williams and when it comes to hitting that stage there’s no denying he will deliver bigger than you expected. First thing first, this was not a greatest hits show, it was a celebration of Swing music. Showcasing songs from his two swing albums he invited everyone into a genre that isn’t explored regularly in the mainstream industry. Rising from underneath the stage he opened the show with “Shine My Shoes” strutting around the “U” shape catwalk getting up close and personal with fans before unveiling the massive art deco themed stage structure. He was joined on stage by a big band which truly brought these swing songs to life. The first part of the show was significantly theatrical and saw the entertainer come out of Williams. “No One Likes A Fat Popstar” had him swinging over the crowd in a fat suit and complaining how every night the contraption pushes his balls up into his stomach. “I Wanna Be Like You” saw him and his dancers running around the stage in Monkey outfits while “That’s Amore” had him participating in a “showbiz wedding” with one lucky female audience member. “Mr Bojangles” was a rare acoustic moment that he added humor after missing his cue to whistle. That is something that hasn’t changed, Williams is known for being hilarious and cheeky and this show allowed him to be cheekier than ever. “Swings Both Ways” had him joking about his sexuality with his dancers and hilarious innuendo’s. For “High Hopes” he was joined on stage by a children’s choir which created a cheesy but cute moment. He also showed off the vocal talent of his band members with an incredible barber shop remix of R Kelly’s “Ignition”.

Act 2 of the show saw the stage structure redesigned into a lavish cruise ship with the infectious “Soda Pop” being the perfect opener to this segment. This section of the show was noticeably less theatrical and focused more on the music and crowd interaction. Williams is a family man and had his father join him onstage during “Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me” before a shout out to his daughter who he dedicated “Go Gentle” to. One of the most honest and memorable performances of the night came from “I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen” who he did with longtime collaborator Guy Chambers. He let his cheeky side come out to play when he kissed a few audience members and signed a fan’s breasts who was ironically called Charity. This was not a greatest hits show and fans who attended the show knew not to expect any but he did surprise them with a brief medley of “Let Me Entertain You”, “Rock DJ”, “Millennium”, “Come Undone” and “Candy”. He then closed the show off with arguably his biggest hit “Angels” and took a final bow to “Sensational”.

The whole show was very entertaining and even though I would have preferred to have seen a greatest hits show he had me hooked from start to finish. His wit is on point and the connection he had with the crowd was impressive. Not to mention that is “big band” that accompanied him on stage were incredible and brought a whole new element to the show. There is no denying that Robbie is still as funny as ever, as naughty as ever, can still sing his ass off and will always be a true entertainer.

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