SINGLE REVIEW: The Collective – The Good Life

The Collective The Good Life

The Collective’s last single “Burn The Bright Lights” only just cracked the Top 40 but they’ve returned stronger than even with an infectious pop/rnb track which should see them comfortably sitting in the Top 10 soon. “The Good Life” sees Jayden, Julian, Trent and Will stripping it back with a fun beat, catchy hook and slick harmonies. And did I mention there’s a rap included? This is the first time we have heard Will Singe rap on one of their original songs since “Surrender” and it makes me question why this didn’t happen earlier. His impressive flow gives an original spin on the coveted topic which is about treating someone to a good night. With lyrics like “I wanna give you the good life. Just hold my hand and close your eyes, I’m gonna take you for a ride” it’s fairly cliché however It works for them. Vocally this song is on point with their slick harmonies, powerful high notes and no member trying to out do the other. “The Good Life” is The Collective’s strongest single to date and If they keep releasing songs like this their name won’t be one you’ll want to forget.

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