LIVE REVIEW: Queen & Adam Lambert – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


If you didn’t attend the Queen and Adam Lambert concert because you were “worried” Lambert wouldn’t do the songs justice you missed out on one of the best live shows I’ve ever witnessed. Dramatically opening with “Now I’m Here” Queen and Adam Lambert emerged on stage with a packed Entertainment Centre on their feet ready for a unforgettable night. “Another One Bites The Dust” and “Fat Bottomed Girls” were early sing a longs that united the crowd and calmed anyone second guessing if Lambert would deliver. From then on they all had the crowd eating out of their palm. “Killer Queen”, “Somebody To Love” and “I Want It All” allowed Adam Lambert to shine showing the crowd a cheekier down to earth side of him with hilarious banter in between songs. He connected on a personal level and told everyone how he was just as much of a fan of Freddie Mercury as everyone else in the room and was almost seeking their approval.

Dr Brian May slowed things down with an acoustic set he performed at the end of the catwalk asking the crowd “Shall we sing one for Freddie?”. A touching memorial for the late Freddie Mercury occurred during “Love Of My Life” followed by Roger Taylor taking centre stage to perform “Under Pressure” and shocked everyone with his impressive vocal range. He then proceeded to have a drum battle with his son Rufus Taylor who was playing percussion for the band. But if you thought that was special it was May who stole the show with a 15 minute guitar solo that proved he has still got what it takes. Lambert joined the band back on stage for the last portion of the show with hits after hits filling the setlist. Highlights included “I Want To Break Free”, “Dragon Attack”, “Radio Ga Ga” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. The real showstopper came in “Bohemian Rhapsody” which was the perfect mixture of the crowd losing their mind, Lambert nailing the vocals, another epic guitar solo from Brian May and vintage footage of Freddie Mercury on the big screens. After saying a quick goodnight they returned to the stage to close the show with “We Will Rock You” followed by a goose bumping version of “We Are The Champions” which perfectly closed the 2 and a half hour spectacle.

The production was spot on with an incredible array of strobe lighting that visually brought the classic songs alive along with a stage set up that outlined a massive Q. May and Taylor have still got the showmanship which helped made Queen so iconic to begin with. Introducing Adam Lambert to the mix was the right decision as he brought his own approach and style to the songs and would have made Mercury so proud. And can I just mentions that man’s vocal range is INSANE and had everyone’s jaw drop multiple times. If you attended the show you are aware that you witnessed something special. If you didn’t, you will be kicking yourself.

Roger Taylor


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  1. Thanks for your great review – saw three shows and would like to have gone for more. May and Taylor are still incredible musicians, and Lambert’s voice is, as you said, just insane. Happy you enjoyed the show so much. All the best –

  2. I was privileged to see Queen + Adam lambert in Chicago & Maryland in the US. It was the most exciting, first class concert I’ve ever seen. Queen fans were on their feet along with Adam’s Glamberts. The way Adam honored Freddie, himself a big fan was touching & brilliant. Who Wants to Live Forever & The Show Must Go On brought me & the audience to tears.Adam is elegant as well as edgy & Brian May & Roger Taylor are better than ever, as well as the entire band. I’m o glad you were affected by them as well. They are magic together & made to share a stage. Thank you for your insightful review.

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