LIVE REVIEW: Lady Gaga – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


People may have doubted Lady Gaga’s impact on the music industry with recent minimal commercial success and low ticket sales but I’m here to tell you that she still has it. Performing to 9500 people in Brisbane Lady Gaga gave a showstopping performance of her “ArtRAVE Tour” proving to all the doubters that she was here to stay. Walking into the arena it quickly came to my attention that this was going to be very different from her previous tours. Close friend of the songstress Lady Starlight opened a set of dubstep/trance beats that set the mood for the crowd to “rave”.

Opening with title track “Artpop” Lady Gaga rose from under the stage with gold wings giving a oh so dramatic and fitting opening with confetti bursting into the air. She was quick to tell the audience to “get the fuck up and dance” followed with recent single “GUY” and “Donatella” which saw her strutting her stuff on the giant catwalks that lined the arena floor. The translucent catwalks allowed the fans to run around the structure and dance underneath their queen. After a quick costume change Gaga returns to the stage in a seashell bikini and “mermaid hair” to give what was my favourite section of the show. While performing album favourites “Venus” and “Manicure” on the middle catwalk with more confetti filling the air she had the audience eating out of her palm. She then went into a medley of her hits “Just Dance”, “Poker Face” and “Telephone” before returning to the stage in an octopus outfit delivering fan favourite “Paparazzi”. What came next was one of the strongest vocal deliveries of the night where she sang her little heat out to “Do What U Want” finishing it off with a touching rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”. It has become a tradition in Gaga’s show to bring a fan onstage during the acoustic version of “Born This Way” and seeing the girl’s smile she chose was priceless. “Dope” was followed and is my least favourite Gaga song and I was impressed by her vocal delivery but the song is still lacklustre. Getting right back into it with “Judas”, “Aura”, “Sexxx Dreams” and ‘Alejandro” she continued to command the catwalks with her iconic strut, confetti and now a green wig. Before the last segment of the show she decided to take a leaf out of Yoko Ono’s book and get dressed in front of the audience leaving EVERYTHING to be seen. This time she looked like a harajuku fluru yeti and man she rocked that shit! The open chords of “Bad Romance” had the whole arena on their feet before the final songs “Applause” and “Swine” which saw dancers spraying paint at fans on the floor. Returning for a fitting encore she closed the show with “Gypsy” which she dedicated to the fans and with a big group of her “monsters” creating a giant circle where they all ran around singing during the infectious track.

Lady Gaga delivered what I have to say is her best live show yet. She’s ditched the politics and controversy and focusing on what matters most, the music, the dancing and the fans. This show was built for and revolved around interacting with her fans like she has never before. You couldn’t help but leave the arena with a smile on your face declaring how EPIC the show was. The constant confetti that lingered in the air and incredible strobe lighting made you believe you were in one of the best clubs and had the audience in constant awe. The different costumes and looks for the show were on point and saw Gaga constantly evolving in front of your eyes. While all this crazy production was happening her vocals were not affected not even for a split second. The acoustic portion of the show allowed her to prove to the crowd that no lip synching was taking place and they were getting everything they payed for and then some. If you chose not to attend because of the disappointing chart success of her latest album “Artpop” then you just missed out on what could have possibly been the best show you would’ve ever seen.

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