LIVE REVIEW: Courtney Love – Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane


Courtney Love may be the centre of constant media criticism with her personal life but there’s no denying that once she hits that stage that she’s a fucking rock star. Walking on stage to the intro of new punk track “Wedding Day” she unleashed a 90 minute display of pure rock n roll. Performing a setlist of mainly Hole songs accompanied by solo work the crowd lapped up every moment of the show. Highlights included “Malibu”, “Skinny Little Bitch”, “Plump” and “Celebrity Skin”. But one of my favourite moments was “You Know My Name” because it showed that she still has the ability to write killer songs and I am so excited to her more new material from her. Her banter in between songs was hilarious and made you fall more in love. She may be a tad strange and goofy but that’s what makes her such a loveable rock icon. Her audience interaction was on point and multiple times jumped down to the front row and handed out roses to a couple of lucky fans. If you didn’t go to the show because of the “trainwreck” the media presents her as then you just missed out on one of the most impressive rock shows I’ve seen all year. At 50 years of age she still has it and that’s that.

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