EP REVIEW: Troye Sivan – TRXYE

Troye Sivan is one of YouTube’s biggest names and now this Australian Teenager has stepped out of the screen of your laptop and into the airwaves of your IPod. Long term fans of the blogger were aware of his musical talent from his occasional original songs he would upload onto his YouTube channel. A couple of months ago Sivan announced that he was signed to EMI and would be releasing an EP and boy does he impress. “TRXYE” opens strong with “Happy Little Pill” that invades with synths, pure vocals and an infectious chorus. This was released as his first single and it was perfect introductory as it separated him from any other artist on the radio at the moment and made him stand out. “Touch” follows in “Happy Little Pill’s” footsteps launching into synth breakdowns during the chorus and constantly grows on you with each listen. The highlight of the EP is the infectious “Fun” which will easily become a summer anthem that you will find yourself blasting on a roadtrip. “Gasoline” slows things down for a minute before returning to hard hitting synths to finish the song. This is one song that takes a few listens to really appreciate and it’s not until you hear the dark lyrics that you become impressed. The EP fittingly closes with where it all began, “The Fault In Our Stars (MMXIV)” and this newly recorded version of the song shows how much his vocals have grown and matured over the past year when compared to the original demo recording.

His vocals are pure and have the ability to hit high notes so effortlessly without much build up. Sivan’s music stands out in the pop spectrum because there isn’t much of the indie/synth style being played in the mainstream arena. With 4/5 tracks on the EP mainly influenced by synth and indie pop music Sivan will have to step it up on his debut album and bring something new to the table. It would be interesting to hear him tackle a rock influenced track with synths as I think it would turn out very well with his vocal range. I’m looking forward to see how he goes with performing live and hope he isn’t too awkward as soon as he hits the stage cause he has massive potential. “TRXYE” is an impressive debut and sets the bar high for his debut album which is expected shortly.


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