ALBUM REVIEW: Anja Nissen- Anja Nissen

Anja Nissen_Album Cover[2]

There’s no denying that Anja Nissen is a powerhouse vocalist and deserved to win The Voice Australia 2014. However the debut release by the singer is disappointing and can only be explained as a glorified karaoke album. Her winners single got cut last minute and therefore no original songs were included in the track listing. From past Voice winners we have seen either one or two original tracks being included and that allowed the artists to be a bit more personal with their fans. With no originals they have added covers that Anja didn’t even perform on the show and have just recorded to fill space. I find that upsetting as it shows that no time was spent into the thought/production of this album. Many of the covers are straight from the book and haven’t been approached with any originality which makes the majority of the album boring and predictable. Saying that her version of “Wild” (Jessie J) is on point and the edgier approach really suits her vocals while her vocals on “I Have Nothing” (Whitney Houston) are impressive. However she absolutely butchers “Irreplaceable” (Beyoncé) with auto-tune and bad production. Anja Nissen is talented and I hope that her management have carefully thought out the next steps and come back with a bang because this release was poorly thought out and shows in the disappointing sales figures.

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