GRL are quickly becoming one of the most talked about girl groups in the industry with their single “Ugly Heart” sitting at number 2 on the Australian Aria Charts. Created by The Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin the GRL girls bring a sexier and carefree spirit to the table. Their debut self titled EP has just been released and gives listeners five tracks that will leave you wanting to hear a full album. Lead single “Ugly Heart” may be a bit cheesy but it wins you over with its sassy lyrics and a chorus that won’t leave your head for hours. “Show Me What You Got” and “Don’t Talk About Love” both take a bit of time to grow on you but these upbeat songs will win you over in the end. “Rewind” is my personal favourite from the EP and is the least dance influenced tracks and focuses more on the harmonies and delivery. Closing the EP is the ultimate girl power anthem “Girls Are Always Right” that impresses with a rock influenced approach. What this EP is lacking is an emotional ballad that showcases the girl’s raw vocals. Natasha, Paula, Simone, Emmalyn and Lauren bring their unique personalities to life in these pop-tastic and girl powered tracks that will have you singing along to the infectious beat.

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