SINGLE REVIEW: Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett – Anything Goes

Anything Goe

On paper this collaboration shouldn’t work as they are the oddest pair you could ever pick but they surprise and give a commendable performance. “Anything Goes” is the lead single from the duo’s album “Cheek To Cheek” which is released in September and shocks in the right way. Lady Gaga’s vocals work so well with Tony Bennett that they blend and make this unique sound that Jazz enthusiasts will be impressed by. I’m glad that Gaga has toned it down and delivers her pure vocal talent with a hint of her personality that shines through. Tony Bennett keeps up with Gaga and delivers a fantastic vocal performance that hides his age well. But I can’t help but cringe when they both sing the lyrics “So though I’m not a great romancer I know that you’re bound to answer when I propose, anything goes”. I personally hope Gaga and Bennett take the album out on the road and bring these songs to life in theatres around the world because their on stage dynamic would be INCREDIBLE.

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