SINGLE REVIEW: Hilary Duff – Chasing The Sun

Hilary Duff’s return to music was undeniably one of the most anticipated comebacks of 2014 but she disappoints just the slightest. “Chasing The Sun” is a chilled summer anthem, one I imagine myself blasting on a road trip to the beach but otherwise I don’t picture myself playing. It’s hit and miss with the chorus falling flat and not giving the infectious moments that we are used to from the singer. Word has come out that she was offered to release “Boom Clap” (which is now released by Charli XCX) but turned it down to release this song. I honestly don’t know what she was thinking because “Boom Clap” would’ve been the perfect way for Hilary Duff to re-enter the music industry. Duff’s voice hasn’t changed one bit and instantly brings back memories from my childhood. “Chasing The Sun” not a bad song neither is it one of her strongest but for nostalgic reasons this single is going to do well and I can’t wait to hear more from her.

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