LIVE REVIEW: Lorde – Brisbane Riverstage


Lorde has quickly become one of the biggest names in the music industry, if not the world. Her live shows are raved about from fans and critics alike leaving you wanting to see her over and over again. After re-scheduling her April tour because of sickness Lorde returned to Australia to deliver what would be an unforgettable show. Walking out to the beautifully moody “Glory And Gore” New Zealand born Ella Yelich-O’Connor wowed the crowd with her raw vocals before revealing 3 massive LED screens and an ah-mazing light show. “Bite Down” has always been one of my favourite Lorde songs and she always delivers this song justice live with her weird dancing and her live band killing the beat breakdowns. Ella doesn’t like messing around when it comes down to her live set and performed “Tennis Court” on the third song in. The ear-bursting crowd echoed into the night singing along to the infectious track before the gracious and gushing songstress addressed the crowd. The 90 minute show saw her performing songs from her debut album “Pure Heroine”, her EP “The Love Club” as well as covers of ‘Easy” (Son Lux), “Swingin Party” (The Replacements) and the ever so impressive “Hold My Liquor” (Kanye West). Her audience interaction was immaculate from the way she talked to the crowd and told anecdotes to the way she walked along the barrier to get up close and personal with the fans. Sometimes an artist’s gratitude towards the crowd can seem insincere and fake but Lorde’s warmth towards the Brisbane crowd seemed so sincere that it made you feel special to be a part of the experience. The highlight of the show was before “Ribs” where she explained how the song is about the moment where you realise you are becoming an adult and the transition period before it happening. The atmosphere of the crowd during the song was electric and cemented a moment I personally won’t forget. That’s the art of storytellers like Lorde who have the power to make you think, laugh, cry, smile and take you on a musical journey. “Royals” was where the crowd united as one and created the biggest sing a long of the evening with camera phones in the air swaying along to the mega hit. Closing with “Team” and “A World Alone” the crowd walked away raving and buzzing about how incredible and unique the show was.

Having had seen Lorde earlier in the year I found myself pleasantly surprised and impressed with how her stage presence, stage production and vocal ability had grown. She has evolved into an artist who will continue to impress and leave her audiences in awe.



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