ALBUM REVIEW: Taylor Henderon – Burnt Letters

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Taylor Henderson’s second offering delivers 12 original tracks that see him opening up as an artist while exploring different sounds and opening up his vocal range. “Burnt Letters” is a hit and miss album with a few songs that are notably on point while others are predictable and boring. Henderson’s music lacks versatility and that’s what this album suffers but when he gets it right, he pleasantly surprises.  “Close To Nothing” delivers one of the albums strongest tracks with its rock influences and personal lyrics. While “Piece By Piece” offers one of the most intimate moments that impresses with maturity. “Worth Fighting For” captures the folk sound perfectly while mixing it with pop making it something that could almost be put on a Mumford And Sons record. “The Best Part” channels the likes of Passenger and delivers an upbeat song that I think would come to life in his live shows. Songs like “Sail Away” and “Brighter Days” fail to introduce anything new and recycles his sound making the songs sound familiar and boring. The singles “When You Were Mine” and “Already Gone” are infectiously catchy and are not surprisingly the most mainstream tracks on the album. By the name alone you would guess that “Host Of Angels” would be a show stopping emotional song, but it gave me nothing. The sincerity of the song was lost behind the over production and needed to have been stripped back more. “Matter Of Time” allows Henderson to experiment with his vocal range and hit some high notes I didn’t think was possible for him. He finishes the album off with the mediocre “Taking Back” and “Burnt Letters” that don’t offer anything new or special to the selection of songs on this album.

This is Taylor Henderson’s first original material album and the fact he’s had a massive role in the song writing and producing side of it is commendable. He had the help of Hayley Warner and Jon Hume on a couple of tracks who made some of the killer songs on this album. It would have been cool to see Taylor collaborate with a female vocalist as the harmonies that would have been created would have been magical. “Burnt Letters” is a hit and miss album where more time, fine tuning and more versatility would have only been in his best interest. And can I just say… what is with the album cover?! Talk about photoshop to the max #dodgyjob



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