ALBUM REVIEW: Sheppard – Bombs Away

Sheppard Bombs Away

Sheppard are the Brisbane based six-piece who have won over Australia and are about to take the world by storm. Their debut album has just been released and it’s already gaining rave reviews from critics and fans alike. “Bombs Away” opens strong with the number one hit single that everyone is talking about, “Geronimo”. It may have been over played and sometimes sound too repetitive but I can’t help but sing-along every time I hear it. Next up i follow up single “Something Missing” which was a disappointing choice compared to the other material on this release but does grow on your after a few listens. With its folk roots and use of repetition this song will be favoured by the fans they won over supporting Keith Urban on his recent Australian tour. “Let Me Down Easy” takes it back to where it all began for Sheppard as it was their first single and commercial hit. “These People” should have been the next single as it’s the perfect balance of pop and folk with raw lyrics that show a difference side to the band. “Sometimes these people push me around and I’m tired of people keeping me down” will linger and make you want to hear the song again.

“A Grade Playa”, “Halfway To Hell”, “The Electric Feeling” and ‘Smile” see’s Amy Sheppard taking over lead vocal duties and bringing a sassy, positive and pop vibe to the album. “A Grade Playa” is an ode to an ex boyfriend who clearly didn’t treat her well and would most likely be hating life right about now. Her vocal range is showcased with a high note that disregards any doubt people had that she wasn’t a strong vocalist. “Smile” is an infectious feel good hit waiting to be unleashed. Radio will eat this song right up and is a summer anthem in waiting. It may be a bit cheesy but you can’t help but get lost in the music and want to hear it over and over again. “The Best Is Yet To Come” is mediocre to put it politely and I guess it may grow on you after a couple of listens but it’s not a standout. “Lingering” is a song I’m still unsure about, each listen I have a different thought about it. One listen I will love it and then the other I’m doubting it and thinking it’s a bit too mediocre so I think I’m going to have to say this song is hit and miss. “The Electric Feeling” brings a new sound to the table with a fusion of jazz, pop, blues powered by an incredible vocal performance from Amy. George Sheppard gets his shining moment on the angsty “Find Someone” which quickly becomes one of the main album highlights. It’s an edgier “no fucks given” sort of attitude that we hadn’t seen prior from the band. Closing the album with “Halfway To Hell” was a smart move. The memorable blues/rock track is a highlight in the bands live set and has transferred well on the studio recording

Sheppard are a band who truly deserves the success they’ve received and have waiting for them. They are a very talented group whose debut album is impressive and grows on the listener with each listen. Sheppard are embarking on an east coast album launch tour before heading to the U.S to begin their reign on the charts. This is a live show you do not want to miss out on with a chance to see the band playing intimate venues.


Friday July 25 – Eatons Hill, Brisbane

Saturday July 26 – Big Top Luna Park, Sydney

Friday August 1 – The Hifi, Melbourne (U18 MATINEE)

Friday August 1 – The Hifi, Melbourne (18+ Evening Show)




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