SINGLE REVIEW: The Madden Brothers – California Rain


The Madden Brothers – California Rain

Joel And Benji Madden’s side project is definitely something to be excited about. While Good Charlotte take a break The Madden Brothers are creating music that’s a bit different to what their fans are used to. Their first single “We Are Done” saw them release a folk rock inspired song that focused on the melody and re-invented themselves as artists. They’ve just released their second single “California Rain” which see’s them mixing their folk sound with their roots to create a unique track. It’s an intriguing, catchy and memorable song that will have you reaching for the replay button isntantly. Their vocals are pure and work well harmonising together as they aren’t as strained or forced compared to some Good Charlotte material. Their new sound is almost 70’s sounding and “California Rain” is a true testament of that and will see the duo gaining a new age range at their live shows. This side project was a massive gamble but I’m glad it was taken because I think we are finally seeing the raw talent of The Madden Brothers. The album “Greetings From California” will be released on September 12.


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