ALBUM REVIEW: Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence


“Ultraviolence” should’ve been the most talked about album of 2014 but it fails to deliver with a mediocre selection of songs that don’t live up to it’s predecessor “Born To Die”. Lana Del Rey has one of the most unique voices in the industry and brings her haunting vocals to life on this album but is sadly one of the only favourable things about it. “West Coast” set the hype with an instantly catchy song with a big chorus that gave “Ultraviolence” a promising start. It was the promo singles “Shades Of Cool” and title track “Ultraviolence” that began the disappointment and doubt. The album isn’t all disappointing, it does deliver some killer tracks like “Sad Girl”, “Pretty When You Cry”, “Brooklyn Baby” and “Money Power Glory’ that restore hope. “Born To Die” was filled with beautiful tracks that were instantly catchy and likeable and that’s what “Ultraviolence” is lacking. Most of the songs have the pretence that my life is terrible and no one is going to understand and almost feels stand offish. The album is mostly ballads with a depressing undertone that makes this album not very accessible. Lana Del Rey is a talented musician with a unique voice and way of storytelling but “Ultraviolence” doesn’t live up to the expectations she created.


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  1. Although I didn’t expect an awesome work as BTD is, I’m really disappointed by Ultraviolence.. This album is not creative and sounds like an average classic rock album. However I think West Coast is one of her best song ever.

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