ALBUM REVIEW: Kim Cesarion – Undressed


Do you like sexual innuendos? Do you like songs that are blatantly about sex? If you do then you are bound to love the debut album by Swedish rnb/pop singer Kim Cesarion. “Undressed” is a bold debut album that combines infectious rnb/pop songs with sexual inspired lyrics and an impressive use of falsetto. Opening track boasts with the lyrics “Hi my name is whatever you call me. Let’s get undressed cause you look a little lonely”. The cheeky lyrics just add to his charm and win you over with his great vocal range where he regularly shows off his falsetto range which gives Aussie single Nathaniel a run for his money. Kim Cesarion is not just a one hit wonder and he backs that up with a collection of impressive and fun songs on this thirteen track album. “Can’t Love Nobdoy” and “Girls” are two future singles just waiting to be played on radio. “Bad Thing” allows his RNB side to take over with smooth vocals and lyrics that sound Justin Timblerlake esque. “X” is my personal favourite on this album with a catchy hook which will have you grooving along. “Amen” strips things back to allow his raw vocal ability to be showcased before closing the album with “Trade Ya” which has a cool vintage disco vibe. The majority of the album is upbeat and cheeky with the songs growing on you after each listen.

There are a couple of songs that had potential but slip under the radar because they are over produced and lose the originality they had to begin with. Cesarion has stated in past interviews that he creates music for live shows and these over produced songs will work well in a live environment but on a studio recording you may just want to press the skip button. Otherwise “Undressed” is a fantastic debut album and is only the beginning for Kim Cesarion.




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