ALBUM REVIEW: Ed Sheeran – X


In 2011 the world fell in love with Ed Sheeran and ever since they haven’t stopped. His raw and honest way of songwriting makes it easy for people to connect with him and he deliver yet again on his second studio album. “X” see’s Sheeran reinventing himself and building a bigger sound to his acoustic offerings. Opening with the acoustic “One”, “I’m A Mess” incorporates call and response while “Sing” ties it all together with RNB influences. And that’s only the first three tracks on the album. “X” is a versatile record that impresses and continues to take you on an emotional journey. He has incorporated an increasing amount of piano and strings for this album as well as citing influences in RNB music to make himself more versatile. “X” is a tad hit and miss, there are the clear standout favourites that are guaranteed to give you goose bumps but there are average songs that don’t create the moments you expect from him. Vocally Sheeran’s vocals are impressive with the versatility in the range of emotions he can convey. From rapping to falsetto he covers everything.

“Don’t” is one of the clear standouts and is his first break-up diss song that calls the girl in question out for cheating on him while staying on the same hotel floor. When showing this song to Taylor Swift she even told him that it was a bit harsh but for his style of song writing it was perfect. This track has already been added to his live sets and it’s quickly becoming a favourite with fans and everyone has been pointing fingers at Ellie Goulding for being the girl in question. “The Man” and “Take It Back” see’s Sheeran properly rapping and he will leave you impressed giving a lot of rappers a run for their money. “Cause I’m a singer that you never want to see shirtless and I accept the fact that someone’s gotta win worst dressed” is some of his amusing and unforgettable lyrics. “Afire Love’ has made people cry and connected to people in a way that he never expected. It is the most emotional and vulnerable song on the record and is about his grandmother passing away. The haunting lyrics share his grief and his touching goodbye. The deluxe edition of “X” includes the hit single “I See Fire” from The Hobbit soundtrack as well as “All Of The Stars” from the Fault In Our Stars soundtrack.

“X” is an impressive follow up album to the highly acclaimed “+” and see’s Ed Sheeran securing the next chapter in his world domination. There are a couple of hit and miss songs but that was always going to be the case with the high standard set by its predecessor.

MUST LISTEN: “Don’t”, “Afire Love”, “Thinking Out Loud”, “Take It Back”, “Photograph”, “I’m A Mess”

GIVE IT A MISS: “Tenerife Sea”, “Shirtsleeves”


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