ALBUM REVIEW: Sia – 1000 Forms Of Fear


Sia is the musical genius behind the hit songs “Diamonds” (Rihanna), “Titanium” (David Guetta), “Let Me Love You” (Ne-Yo), “Radioactive” (Rita Ora) and “Pretty Hurts” (Beyonce). After stepping out of the limelight in 2010 she has returned with her sixth studio album. “1000 Forms Of Fear” is easily Sia’s strongest collection of work and is the front runner for what quite possibly could be the best album of 2014. Opening strong with chart topper “Chandelier” the twelve track album almost feels a bit short in length. She delivers strong and impressive songs one after each other and make it nearly impossible to pick some standout favourites. “Free The Animal” defines this album with its impressive vocals, hitting lyrics and captivating beat that makes this song a future hit waiting to be unleashed. “Big Girls Cry” has been chosen as the third single and it’s an incredible song but possibly a too predictable choice. “Dressed In Black”, “Fair Game”, “Eye Of The Needle” and “Fire Meet Gasoline” are some of the other highlights on “1000 Forms Of Fear” but you really need to hear the album from start to finish to fully appreciate the musical genius that is Sia Furler. “Hostage” is the only song I’m unsure about and is still growing on me as listener. It’s not a bad song at all but it slips under the radar compared to the other tracks. Lyrically it’s a dark album with a pop overtone that almost has you second guessing the nature of the songs. Her vocal range is out of this world and is showcased in its most raw and vulnerable form on “Eye Of The Needle” which is bound to give goosebumps. “1000 Forms Of Fear” is one album you must have in your collection and will leave you impressed and barely being able to find words to describe it like I am right now.




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