TRACK BY TRACK REVIEW: 5 Seconds Of Summer


1. “She Looks So Perfect” – It’s the song that put 5SOS on the map worldwide with its infectious chorus and cheesy lyrics that you can’t help but love.

2. “Don’t Stop” – The follow up single to “She Looks So Perfect” was always going to be highly criticised but it delivered with a punchy and edgier sound that saw the boys take influences from All Time Low. The song didn’t take off as much as its predecessor but fans of the band immediately fell in love with the sound.  

3. “Good Girls” – This is one of my personal favourites from the album with a mature sound that resembles something that could be included on a Good Charlotte greatest hits album. This is definitely single worthy and will become a instant favourite in their live set.

4. “Kiss Me Kiss Me” – Co-written with Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low I was expecting an edgy punk track that would see the band returning to their roots. In reality this song is quite pop influenced with a chorus that disappoints and doesn’t deliver the show stopping moment you expect. The verses on the other hand are pretty decent and continue to give you hope that for some magical reason the chorus may change. It should have been the best song on the album but it just wasn’t.

5. “18” – This song shows their immaturity with the lyrics about wanting to be over 18 but it works and will be a favourite for the underage fans. For the 18+ fans it may be a song you will want to skip.

6. “Everything I Didn’t Say” – Lyrically this song is strong and sees the boys opening up but the sound takes the sincerity away and should have been stripped back.

7. “Beside You” – Originally on their debut EP “Somewhere New” this new version has been re-recorded and polished. Adding strings was a interesting choice and I’m not entirely convinced by the verses but the chorus is on point and makes this song a clear stand out.

8. “End Up Here” – Another instant favourite with its cheeky lyrics and heavier punk influence which will appeal to older fans. The vocals are stronger and see the boys showing off their range and including some call and response in the third verse.

9. “Long Way Home” – One of the cheesier songs on this record but it works in their favour with the chorus creating a moment that will be a highlight of their live show. It will be a fan favourite but it’s definitely not single worthy.

10. “Heartbreak Girl” – This is another of my personal favourites that delivers energy and punchy verses and a chorus you won’t be able to get out of your head.

11. “Lost Boy” – This is the generic pop song on the album which is too repetitive and becomes one of the songs you would want to skip.

12. “Amnesia” – Written by The Madden Brothers this song sees 5SOS slowing things down with an acoustic based track that sees their vocal performance being too aggressive. This song was hyped up a bit too much with it being a bit too predictable.

13. “English Love Affair” – Easily one of the catchiest songs on the album it delivers sexual and cheeky lyrics that work well with the punk/dance influenced beats. This should definitely be considered as a future single.

14.”Social Casulty” – Starting with generic “la al la la la’s” it doesn’t get much better and is just a typical pop/rock song with no edge.

15. “Never Be” – Trying to be an epic rock song that sounds inspired by 30 Seconds To Mars it fails in the first half before being resurrected and justified in the second half. It needed more work.

16. “Voodoo Doll” – This was a fan favourite from their live sets and the studio cut delivers a pop driven version that sees the band losing their punk touch. The infectious chorus saves the song from disappointment and will keep the fans happy.

 OVERALL: This is 5 Seconds Of Summer’s first full length album and it delivers some strong moments but falls flat on a few tracks. It’s worth the listen and will help them continue their world domination.

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