LIVE REVIEW: Bastille & Foxes – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney


UK songstress Foxes is someone you don’t want to mess with. Her vocal range could give Florence & The Machine a run for her money and her energy levels rival the likes of Ellie Goulding. Opening with the hauntingly beautiful “Talking To Ghosts” she went into a setlist of tracks from her debut album “Glorious”. Early standout was the up-tempo “Night Owls, Early Birds” which had the crowd dancing along to the infectious beat. A cover of Pharrell Williams “Happy” had the crowd in awe of her incredible vocal range and proved that she’s not going to be a cookie cutter pop star. “Clarity” sent the crowd into hysterics followed by “Right Here” which had the whole venue on their feet dancing. Closing with recent single “Let Go For Tonight” she vowed to the Sydney crowd she would be back very soon and I honestly can’t wait.

Exploding with energy and a colourful array of lasers Bastille made it very clear that their live show was going to be something to remember. The bands crowd interaction was on point and saw lead singer Dan Smith running through the crowd to the back of the venue getting up close and personal to everyone in the stands. During “Of The Night” they had the crowd squatting on the floor before synchronising jumping in the chorus which was a sight to be seen. Dan’s vocals were pitch perfect and I couldn’t put a fault in his range even if I tried. Majority of the show was seamingless but the first couple of songs felt disjointed and almost put up a barrier between the crowd and the band. Luckily after a few songs the band were on their game and started delivering killer vocals, drum solos and dance breakdowns. Asking the crowd to put their phones away for the final song of the show was a long shot when it’s the mega hit “Pompeii” but the majority of the crowd obliged and finished the show with one massive singalong.

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