ALBUM REVIEW: Jennifer Lopez – A.K.A


Jennifer Lopez returns to her roots on “A.K.A” proving that she’s still Jenny From The Block with a diverse album of slow rnb jams, classic urban tracks and future club bangers. Technically (honestly) it’s not an incredible album that I’m going to rave about but neither of her past albums have been either. There are a few strong moments that will become instant favourites and a few that will grow on you after a few listens.

Opening strong with title track “A.K.A” (Featuring T.I) it delivers a high energy rnb/pop song that impresses and should be considered as a future single. “First Love” is the song that got me excited about this album, it’s an infectious pop track with a big chorus that will have you on your feet dancing. “Never Satisfied” is an average old school RNB track which slows things down and focuses on her vocal range. I still can’t make up my mind if I love or hate “I Luh Ya Papi” (Featuring French Montana). It’s one of the strangest songs I’ve heard and is almost laughable but you can’t help but get its infectious chorus stuck in your head.

When I heard that JLO was collaborating with Iggy Azalea on this album I was very excited to hear it and “Acting Like That” doesn’t disappoint. It’s a pure RNB track with a killer rap from Iggy and a smooth chorus that make this track perfect single material. “Emotions” slows the album right down again and not in a good way. It had a lot of potential but it’s not memorable and that’s the same with the Latin influenced “Let It Be Me”. I usually love JLO’s ballads but this album delivers nothing special and impresses more in the RNB department. “So Good” is an instant favourite with its infectious chorus that constantly grows on you. “Worry No More” (Featuring Rick Ross” is disappointing and “Booty” (Featuring Pitbull) is embarrassing and a terrible song. Usually JLO and Pitbull are the perfect collaborators but I honestly don’t know what they were thinking on this one.

Compared to her previous releases “A.K.A” is heavily RNB influenced and see’s her returning to her roots. Her vocals take a back seat on this album with no focus on showcasing her powerhouse vocal range. The deluxe edition is worth a listen with “TENS”, “Troubeaux” and “Expertease” delivering standout tracks that should have originally made the cut. Don’t expect anything life changing from “A.K.A” but prepare for a decent collection of tracks with a few needing the skip button.


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