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Currently sitting at number 10 on the Australian ITunes Charts with “Stay High” Tove Lo is quickly becoming a name not worth forgetting. The Sweedish songstress is fairly new to the music industry with her debut EP “Truth Serum” being released in March 2014. She isn’t just a talented vocalist but has written tracks for some big pop names including Icona Pop (“We Got The World”), Lea Michele (“Thousand Needles”) and Cher Lloyd (“Killin It”). A remix of her single “Habits” by Hippie Sabotage titled “Stay High” has been riding the charts all around the world and has been gaining a lot of interest. The catchy dance track has taken some of the best elements from “Habits” and added it to a sick trapp beat. It’s a shame that this remix has been her breakthrough hit because “Habits” was such a great and powerful song on its own but this is only the beginning for Tove Lo.

“Truth Serum” kicks off with the hypnotising “Not On Drugs” that will have you dancing along to the heavy synths in the chorus. “Paradise” is more of a pop influenced track that has drums and synths helping deliver a strong chorus. “Over” is the powerful ballad that showcases her powerhouse vocals and will make listeners realise she isn’t a manufactured pop princess. “Out Of Mind” is another strong track with its quirky and honest lyrics accompanied by great vocals. “Habits” is my standout favourite on this EP with “Stay High” giving the song a new sound and direction.

My prediction is that Tove Lo will be a name we hear more and more of over the next couple months with her debut album one of my most anticipated of 2014/15. Tove Lo will be joining Katy Perry for her 2014 Australian tour in November/December for selected dates.

“Truth Serum” is available on ITunes now.





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