LIVE REVIEW: James Blunt – Brisbane Convention And Exhibition Centre


You either love him or you hate him but there’s no denying that James Blunt is talented and an incredible showman. Opening the show with “Face The Sun” he provided the near sell out crowd with a high energy live show that didn’t disappoint. With hilarious and crude banter in between songs he had the audience eating out of his hand. On cue he had the arena standing up and sitting down before turning it into frenzy when he ran through the crowd to get a bit up close and personal. The setlist was a perfect compilation of old and new favourites with a mixture of uptempo and slower tracks that had everyone swaying. The chemistry between Blunt and his band was electric and really helped the songs transform into rock show quality. Vocally you can’t fault him at all he was pitch perfect throughout the whole show and sounded incredible. Blunt and his band were dressed in astronaut attire accompanied by moon themed visuals on big screens that brought the Moon Landing tour to life. “You’re Beautiful”, “Wisemen”, “Bonfire Heart” and “Goodbye My Lover” provided some of the nights biggest sing-along’s. “1973” was the perfect closing to the show with a giant disco ball lighting up the arena one last time.


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