SINGLE REVIEW: The Collective – Burn The Bright Lights


The Collective have returned with one less member, a new song and a slower sound. “Burn The Bright Lights” impresses with its strong harmonies and its cheesy but honest lyrics that will have girls melting. It’s been received well by radio, fans and critics alike but honestly the song is a bit too manufactured and see’s them playing it a bit safe. The Collective are one of the few boybands that have a rapper included in the line up but both singles “Burn The Bright Lights” and “Another Life” have had no rap. Having a rapper in the group seems a bit pointless if you’re not going to utilise having him. After all he does make the band standout and unique compared to the likes of One Direction and The Wanted. Vocally this song is impressive and allows each member to showcase their diverse vocal range. The Collective need to return to their roots on their next single to give listeners an edgier and upbeat song with smooth harmonies and a killer rap. For now “Burn The Bright Lights” will keep the fans happy and will win over a few new ones.




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