ALBUM REVIEW: Mariah Carey – Me. I Am Mariah


Mariah Carey has been in and out of the recording studio for three years working on her fourteenth studio album perfecting and preparing to make a huge impact. Sadly it falls a bit flat and has only seen one of her singles “#Beautiful” become a commercial success. Going into this album with an open mind it’s hard to get past the long and repetitive rnb ballads that drown the album. It’s a typical Mariah album with a few exceptional songs that will impress but still surrounded by a decent amount of filler tracks.

Opening track “Cry.” kicks off the proceedings with a killer ballad with the infamous high notes that makes Mariah’s vocals unforgettable. The Mike Will Made It track “Faded” is confusing to say the least and is quite a mess amongst the rest of the album. “Supernatural” sees her twins making their recording debut with their infectious laughs and little voices beaming “you make the beat go” an instant favourite. Her upbeat rnb songs are pure highlights that are set to be the anthems to your summer romances. “Make It Look Good”, “You Don’t Know What To Do”, “Meteorite” are the songs that will have you up on your feet moving along to the melody. “Camouflouge”, “Money”, “Dedicated”, “Heavenly” and “One More Try” fall flat and will have you quickly reaching for the skip button.

Over the years her vocals haven’t changed and if anything they’ve improved and she’s become more tactical with her techniques. What this album could have done with it a stripped down acoustic guitar song with Mariah just telling a simple story allowing her vocals to take over. “Me. I Am Mariah” isn’t groundbreaking but it is the perfect background music with a few killer songs standing out but a few needing to be skipped.



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