ALBUM REVIEW: Cher Lloyd – Sorry I’m Late

It’s been a long time since we’ve received new music from Cher Lloyd and after a few delays and push back’s her new album is finally here. Ironically titled “Sorry I’m Late” this second coming from the songstress delivers a new sound and direction. Redirecting her sound to be more pop driven while in the meantime ditching her trademark rapping. This is a massive risk as her rapping and edginess is what separated her from everyone else in the pop market. Listening to the album you probably wouldn’t even recognise it’s her as it sounds very Demi Lovato esque. The majority of the album is borderline ballads while the other half is bubblegum pop tracks that have minimal edge.

Opening track “Just Be Mine” has a hook that is quite similar to her previous hit “Want You Back” which pretty much screams “please play me on radio, I’m desperate”. “Bind Your Love” is the strongest song in this collection with lyrics and vocals that haunt you with her powerhouse range. “I Wish” is the only track which gives listeners a slight taste of the old Cher Lloyd with quirky verses and a hook which you won’t leave your head. Mediocre ballads “Sirens”, “Human” and Goodnight” are forgettable but “Sweet Despair” is a clear standout pop ballad that builds and showcases her vocal range. The rest of the album is full of cringe worthy and borderline cheesy tracks like “Dirty Love”, “Killin It” and the desperate “M.F.P.O.T.Y” where she try’s a bit too hard to be edgy throwing in a frequent F bomb.

“Sorry I’m Late” is a pretty disappointing effort from Cher Lloyd and see’s her fading into the background with the rest of the female pop vocalists. There are a couple of standout tracks that will have you bopping along but most listeners will more than likely not get through the whole album.



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