ALBUM REVIEW: Austin Mahone – The Secret


The debut release from Austin Mahone has been a long time coming and since first coming onto the scene in 2010 he’s been working on finding and improving his individual sound. “The Secret” showcases Austin Mahone as a young adult with infectious pop/rnb songs. It’s quite difficult to describe the sound on this release but the best way I can is that it sounds like a modern day Backstreet Boys with just one vocalist. “Till I Find You”, “Secret”, “The One I’ve Waited For” and “Can’t Fight This Love” are the best representations of this sound and just naturally give you flashbacks to the 90’s boy bands. Hitmaker Pitbull makes an appearance on lead single “Mmm Yeah” which is a infectious and fun song but I still question if the chorus is a joke or not. The one thing this EP is missing is an intimate moment where the lyrics shine and his vocals take over. “Shadow” gets close to delivering this moment but slightly fails. Austin has a great vocal range that should have been focused on but the majority of the EP sees auto tune take over. “The Secret” is a strong debut release and sees Austin tackling a different sound to his competitors. This allows him to stand out as an artist but we’re still waiting for that one song that will blow his career up.


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