ALBUM REVIEW: Coldplay – Ghost Stories


After having major success with “Mylo Xyloto” I was half expecting Coldplay to play it safe and release an over the produced stadium rock album. They could have done that but they didn’t and instead the hauntingly raw and honest “Ghost Stories” was born. This album is a short collection of work that sees the band experimenting with a more laid back approach which has worked well in the past for them. The lyrical side of the album looks at the idea of past actions having the effect on your future and capacity for love. It’s a very raw and honest subject which was inspired by the breakdown of lead singer Chris Martin’s relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow who separated in March 2014. “O” is the clear album standout with the lyrics “Flock of birds, hovering above. Just a flock of birds, it’s how you think of love” and “So fly on, ride through, Maybe one day I’ll fly next to you” cementing an image of desperation in your head. The majority of the album is folk and acoustic inspired creating a sound which is quite repetitive and monotonous. “Always In My Head”, “Another’s Arms”, “Ink” and “Magic” are the songs which succeed to stand out and make an impact. “Midnight” fails to impress with its strange synths and incoherent vocal experimentation. Avici Produced track “A Sky Full Of Stars” brings synths and a larger sound which is very similar to the material on “Mylo Xyloto”. Overall ‘Ghost Stories” is an intelligent piece of work with a lot of substance and emotion injected into the songs that you can’t help but feel connected. There are a couple of songs which aren’t to the standards of others and fall into the monotonous category but that’s not unusual for a Coldplay album.


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