SINGLE REVIEW: The Janoskians – Real Girls Eat Cake


I still can’t tell if this song is a joke or not. The Janoskians are well known for their funny (and cringing) YouTube videos and have since become the anti-boyband. “Real Girls Eat Cake” is the groups third single and is the most confronting and shocking one yet. After hearing the song for the first time I was very unsure if they were being serious or not and still can’t decide. Lyrics like “I get a stiffy from all you’re awkward dance moves” and “For fucks sake, cause real girls eat cake” catch you off guard. There are some decent and empowering lyrics like “I don’t need a girl to worry about a thigh gap” that are to promote girls to know they are beautiful no matter what. The song is heavily auto-tuned and the harmony is very similar sounding to material on The Vamps debut album. This won’t be a hit single or will it top the charts but it sure will get everyone talking about The Janoskians again.



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