SINGLE REVIEW: 5 Seconds Of Summer – Don’t Stop

Dont Stop

5 Seconds Of Summer don’t have any plans of slowing down with the release of their debut album just around the corner the boys have just hopped on a world stadium tour with One Direction. “Don’t Stop” is the second single from their debut album and it doesn’t entirely disappoint. There were high expectations set for this single after having major commercial success with “She Looks So Perfect” but after its initial first play there just hasn’t been much hype or want for it. The song has dropped out of the top 30 on ITunes and is getting minimal airplay as a result but the fans seem to still love it. The sound is very similar to All Time Low who are a major inspiration of the band but the song just fails to deliver a infectious hook or melody that leaves you wanting to play it again. “Good Girl” has been released as a promo single for the pre order of the album and after hearing it  I’m very confused as to why this wasn’t released as the second single. It’s a stronger song, it’s very infectious and upbeat and has been received better on the charts and by critics. “Don’t Stop” isn’t a bad song, but it isn’t a memorable one.

5 Seconds Of Summer debut album will be released on June 27th and is now available for pre order from Sanity, JB Hifi and ITunes


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