LIVE REVIEW: Jason Derulo, Ricki-Lee – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


There was a lot of debate around if Ricki-Lee would be the right support act for Jason Derulo with many of his fans disagreeing. But she proved them wrong with a show stopping 40 minute performance that had the crowd engaged and dancing on their feet. Her set list included the hits “Raining Diamonds”, “Do It Like That”, “Crazy”, “Can’t Touch It” as well as the new single “All We Need Is Love”. Accompanied on stage by four female dancers and some strobe lights her production was pretty basic but allowed the focus to be on her pure talent, her vocals. An acoustic performance of Avici’s mega hit “Don’t Wake Me Up” left the audience blown away by her incredible vocal range. She warmed the crowd up and won over some new fans in time for her fourth studio album which is just around the corner.

After a long wait Jason Derulo took to the stage opening with ‘In My Head’ preparing the crowd for a night of pure pop/rnb hits. The set list was on point with his hits scattered throughout the show keeping the crowd engaged and dancing. Live vocals were missing for a majority of the show with backing tracks taking over and Jason randomly throwing in some live words throughout songs. “Stupid Love”, “Vertigo” and a acoustic version of “The Other Side’ saw Jason strip it back and belt out a decent vocal performance proving that he can actually sing. The show’s focus was on the dancing and at times I was questioning if I was at a So You Think You Can Dance live show or a Jason Derulo concert. His dancers are undeniably talented and I found myself watching them more than I was Jason. There were a lot of interludes that allowed each dancer to have a solo and show off their unique talent. A part of the show saw Jason and his male dancers showing the crowd what their pre show work outs look like while the song “Fire” was playing in the background which felt really tacky and unnecessary. Closing the show with “The Other Side” (dance version), “Talk Dirty” and “Trumpets” he left the audience raving and smiling making the crowd forget how messy the show was.

His DJ kept saying “This is the biggest show in the world” and I hate to burst his bubble but it definitely wasn’t. The stage design was very basic and production was quite low for the sort of tour he is doing. The sequence of the show was off and could have been re-designed to run smoother with less interludes that seemed pointless. For the next tour I think Jason should introduce a live band as it would bring a new vibe to the show and transform the songs. Don’t get me wrong It was an enjoyable and fun concert but it didn’t exceed the expectations that it could and should have.

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