ALBUM REVIEW: Lily Allen – Sheezus


Lily Allen’s comeback is one I was personally very excited about and it saw social media explode with commentary after the announcement in November 2013. It’s been 6 months since the first single ‘Hard Out Here’ was released and now ‘Sheezus’ has been unleashed and doesn’t disappoint. Lily Allen is known for her guttsy and controversial songs that don’t stray away from anything but the truth. This album see’s her toning it down quite a considerable amount compared to her previous records with a few more feel good pop tracks included. But don’t fret because “L8 Cmmr”, “Insincerely Yours”, “Sheezus” and “URL Badman” brings the cheeky and controversial side out of Lily with lyrics about celebrity life and pop culture that will have you laughing. “Air Balloon” is notably one of the most annoying songs I have ever heard (up there with Crazy Frog’s song “Axel F”) but is undeniably catchy and gets me bopping along every time. All her songs on this record have great hooks and structures accompanied by intellectual and quirky lyrics which will get you thinking. The musical variety is impressive with “As Long As I Got You” bringing a country tinged vibe and “Close Your Eyes” bringing a taste of RNB while the rest of the album has heavy pop, urban and electro influences. Her vocals are as strong and versatile as ever even though she does use auto-tune in a couple of tracks for effect.

The deluxe edition of “Sheezus” comes with 5 extra songs that are definitely worth a listen. “Wind Your Neck In” is a fun and cheeky song that will make you want to get up and dance while “Who Do You Love” and “Miserable Without Your Love” bring a slower and different tone. Her cover of “Somewhere Only We Know” is vocally beautifully and the perfect closing to the “Sheezus” experience. This album is one of the strongest releases of 2014 and is one that continues to grow on you after each listen.




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