ALBUM REVIEW: Anastacia – Resurrection


Battling a lot of hurdles to finally make an impacted comeback Anastacia has returned with what is her strongest and most personal album to date. “Resurrection” is almost an open diary into the world of heartache and love in Anastacia’s life. With empowering and strong lyrics that mesh perfectly with her powerful vocal range that has only improved with time, this album shows a matured side of the songstress. Lead single “Stupid Little Things” impressed with its infectious pop/rock roots which could have easily been mistaken as a sequel to the 2004 hit “Left Outside Alone”. The majority of the album is filled with powerful ballads that impress and grow on the listener with each listen. “Lifeline”, “Apology” and “Broken Wings” bring the strong ballad moments while ‘Staring At The Sun” delivers an anthemic sound that is single worthy. One of my personal favorites on “Resurrection” is the intimate and vulnerable “I Don’t Want To Be The One”. Lyrically standing out with; “I don’t wanna be the one to say it’s over, so you’re gonna have to be the one. ’cause one we say it’s over, there’ll be no turning back so I just wait here in the past. And that’s all I can do ’cause I’m not through loving you”. The deluxe album included a reworked version of “Left Outside Alone” which sounded awkward while a couple of other songs fell under the radar. Resurrection is a strong and mature comeback for the songstress that will see some of the songs doing extremely well in Europe. I just hope the rest of the world catches on.

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