ALBUM REVIEW: Iggy Azalea – The New Classic


Iggy Azalea is an artist I have been following since her early mix tape days and watching her music and techniques evolve has been incredible. 2014 see’s the release of her highly anticipated debut album rightfully titled “The New Classic”. This album is an impressive collection of material that see’s Iggy staying true to her roots with music that reminds me of her mixtapes “Ignorant Art” and “Trapp Gold”. Her honesty and sassiness is something I have always loved and lyrically the songs featured on the album are quite personal and has seen her open up to the world. “I Don’t Need Y’all” is the most passionate and honest songs on the record and has quickly become a fan favourite. “And if you wasn’t here when I was down then you won’t be here when I’m up. Now the same one you looked over be the same one that blew up”. It’s lyrics like this that most artists would be too scared to say but she’s not afraid, not even a little.

The singles “Work”, “Change Your Life” and “Fancy” are all included on the album and are the most “mainstream” songs with the majority of the album being quite versatile and different to what you’ve heard before. “New Bitch” is single worthy with its infectious pop scented chorus and raps that will easily get stuck in your head. “Fuck Love” has been one of the fan favourites with its sassy lyrics and sick dance beat. “Impossible Is Nothing” is an inspirational track which see’s her slowing things down to deliver an empowering message about not giving up. “Goddess” is where we see Iggy delivering a rock/rap song with a full live band sound that would be incredible live. “Black Widow’ was probably the most anticipated song on the album and is an collaboration with Rita Ora that was also co-written by Katy Perry. It’s the one song on the album that I’m very unsure on but has slowly been growing on me. It’s unique and isn’t similar to anything you’ve heard before with a few dramatic tempo changes. “Walk The Line”, “Lady Patra’ and “100” are the three songs that really remind me of her mixtape material and will be the songs that people who have become fans recently probably won’t rate as much compared to the other tracks. The majority of the album isn’t as commercial or mainstream as her singles but that’s not a bad thing as it’s allowed her to experiment and continue to be honest.

Make sure that you listen to the deluxe edition so you can hear “Rolex” and “Just Askin” because they were my standout favourites and should have been included on the standard edition. Her vocals are as strong as ever and her raps are fierce and infectious. I’m glad that Iggy hasn’t sold out and created an over produced mainstream rap album and has stay true to her roots and has delivered an impressive debut. As a fan I’m not disappointed and as a reviewer I’m impressed.



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