TRACK BY TRACK: The Vamps – Meet The Vamps


The Vamps have taken the world by storm, topping the charts across the globe and regularly sending twitter into meltdown from their army of loyal fans. Brad, James, Connor and Tristan have just released their debut album ‘Meet The Vamps’ and here’s a track by track commentary of the record.

1. ‘Wild Heart’ – This was the bands follow up single to the smash hit ‘Can We Dance’ and it was automatically a favourite of mine. With its slight country influence this song stands out as something quite different and you can’t help but smile and bop along to the infectious chorus.

2. ‘Last Night’ – Being the third single from their debut album you would expect them to release another killer track but it just wasn’t. I will admit that it’s catchy but it takes a few listens to actually grow on you and isn’t automatically catchy unlike the previous two singles. The song is a cheeky lyrical look at waking up in the morning with a hangover after a massive party and trying to remember what actually happened the night before. It’s definitely not one of the bands best tracks on this release but it’s not the worst, it’s just alright.

3. ‘Somebody To You’ – This has been one of the clear fan favourites and is a cute pop song about wanting a girl to want them. The song itself has a very similar structure to ‘Wild Heart’ but works well and is one of my personal favourites from the album. You may even find yourself going back and listening to it a few times over.

4. ‘Can We Dance’ – The song that started it all. ‘Can We Dance’ introduced the world to The Vamps but it’s surprisingly one of the most upbeat tracks on the album with very few of their other material following its party anthem lead. If you haven’t heard this song I’m questioning what you’ve been doing with your life for the past 5 months.

5. ‘Girls On TV’ – Lyrically this is the most playful track on the album with lyrics like ‘She got legs like Beyonce, give me the eyes like Rihanna’ making it very memorable. The mood of the track is very laid back with the ukele being the main focus before a percussion focus takes over the chorus.

6. ‘Risk It All’ – At a first listen this was my standout favourite. It’s vulnerable, honest and continues to build from predominately an acoustic guitar to adding in percussion and making it bolder for a big finish. Lead singer Brad is joined by the other band members on vocals for this song.

7. ‘Oh Cecilia’ (Breaking My Heart) – My least favourite song on this record and a awkward reworking of Simon And Garfunkel’s song ‘Cecilia’. I listened to this song a few times just hoping it would grow on me and it just didn’t, it’s generic and cheesy.

8. ‘Another World’ – This is where the token album ballads start and this song see’s the focus being drawn to Brad’s vocals. It’s a nice song though its nothing different to any ballad you’ve heard before.

9. ‘Move My Way’ – During the first verse your thoughts will be “Here we go another slow tempo track” but this song brings back the country influences which helped made ‘Wild Heart’ so memorable. The chorus will have you singing along to the “Do do do you’s” and ‘Sh sh sh should I’s” and by the end of the song you will have another favourite.

10. ‘Shout About It’ – Songs that predominately focus on the acoustic guitar and melody is always a great direction and this song did that well. It’s another one that will grow on you and it most likely won’t be a standout favourite but you will definitely enjoy it.

11. ‘High Hopes’ – This continues the mellow section of the album and is one of the tracks you will most likely want to skip. It brings nothing new to the collection of tracks and is one you can class as average album filler.

12. ‘She Was The One’ – This is where the band picks things up again and this song transforms into a rock track with a full band sound taking influences from some of the current popular rock tracks. It has a slight country vibe and see’s Brad’s vocals sound quite huskier and really suit this style. This is one song that The Vamps should be proud of because it’s quite mature, diverse and dynamically their best work.

13. ‘Dangerous’ – You can’t go wrong with a bit of infectious pop and this song see’s the band going up to the fun style reminiscent to ‘Can We Dance’. Synths are thrown into the mix during the bridge and see’s a edgy sound being projected. This should definitely be thought about as the next single as its fun, edgy, infectious and slightly different. The end of the track turns into a epic rock track which reminds me of a 30 Seconds To Mars song.

14. ‘Lovestruck’ – This is the cliché feel good pop song that will have all their fans frothing. It’s the most ‘boy band’ sounding songs on the album and surprisingly works

15. ‘Smile’ – Being the closing track on the album you would expect a song that would leave you wanting to listen to it all over again but ‘Smile’ falls flat. It’s average and comes across a bit overworked with the band using all the bells and whistles in this song. The best part is the third verse where they strip it down and call and response techniques are used.

THE VERDICT: ‘Meet The Vamps’ is a great introductory to the thoughts and style of the band but at 15 songs long the songs do get quite repetitive and the skip button could be used a couple of times. It’s a feel good generic pop album which sadly doesn’t really bring anything new to the table but just some catchy songs that will stay in your head for a little while. The deluxe edition see’s three extra songs being introduced and I found myself questioning why ‘Golden’ and ‘Fall’ didn’t make the original cut as they are very strong songs. Fans of The Vamps will love this collection of music and will have them eagerly awaiting the announcement of their 2014/15 world tour.



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