ALBUM REVIEW: Karmin – Pulses


The success story of American duo Karmin is one that evolved from the pair covering popular songs on their YouTube channel. In 2012 they released their EP ‘Hello’ which featured the smash hit ‘Brokenhearted’. They then released ‘Acapella’ in July 2013 which was a huge success topping the charts worldwide. It has been a long time coming but Karmin’s debut album has finally been given the green light and being released this week. ‘Pulses’ is a strong collection of pop/dance influenced songs with a few insanely catchy raps. When watching this duo perform they are very charismatic and that’s what the world fell in love with when watching their YouTube videos. Sadly this album see’s their personality getting lost with the highly generic pop songs. It would have been cool to have one or two quirky acoustic songs that relied on their charisma and lyrics as it would have put so much of their personality back into the songs. Songs like ‘Puppet’, ‘Night Like This’ and ‘Neon Love’ are over produced and generic that I honestly wouldn’t guess it was them if I heard it on the radio. Highlights from this album are ‘Drifter’, ‘Pulses’, ‘Hate To Love You’ and ‘I Want It All’

One thing that I do love about Karmin’s music is Amy’s raps which sound quite similar to the techniques used by Nicki Minaj. The raps bring a new side to the songs and throw a bit of personality back into the mix. The album is mostly pop/dance influenced but ‘Gasoline’ see’s Nick stepping up to the mic with Amy and bringing this reggae tinged song to life. We only get to hear Nick a couple of times on this record and I personally would’ve loved to hear a song where they call and response between each other.

‘Pulses’ is a solid debut album with some great pop/dance tracks that will have you singing along almost instantly. The majority on the album is pretty generic and some sonsg you may want to skip but if you can get past that minority you will enjoy it.


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