SINGLE REVIEW: Anastacia – Stupid Little Things


2014 is the year for a lot of musical comebacks and this year marks the return of Anastacia who over the past few years has battled a lot of hurdles that has attempted to limit her ability to make a proper comeback. But this has made her more determined and she’s returned with a powerful song which will get everyone talking again. ‘Stupid Little Things’ is a soul rock song which has incorporated all the aspects that people loved of her early material. With a catchy chorus driven by strong vocals and adlib it helps makes the song very memorable. Her vocals are as powerful as ever and she’s fired back showing off her vocal range. ‘Stupid Little Things’ is almost a sequel to her 2004 hit ‘Left Outside Alone’ with its strong rock influences and emotional lyrical undertone. This was exactly the sort of song Anastacia needed to return with and show she’s still got it. I personally hope radio picks up on this song and really allows it to do the things on the charts that it deserves to. ‘Stupid Little Things’ is one of the strongest songs she has released and I’m very excited to see what she has in store on her sixth studio album ‘Resurrection’.
‘Stupid Little Things’ is available on ITunes from March 4

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