ALBUM REVIEW: Kylie Minogue – Kiss Me Once


Kylie Minogue has been through a lot over the past few years but it’s time for her to step back into the limelight with a massive comeback. ‘Kiss Me Once’ is Kylie’s twelfth studio album and is her most diverse and playful record to date. Lead single ‘Into The Blue’ is the strongest pure pop track on the album and has a chorus that won’t get out of your head for hours. The songs experiment with electronic synthesisers which is very similar to the material on her 2007 album ‘X’. This allows her to be a bit more free and playful with her lyrics and has made the undertone of this album positive and carefree. Lyrically the majority of these songs are quite sexual and see’s her tackling an edgier image which really suits her. Examples of this sound are ‘Les Sex’, ‘Sexercize’, ‘Sexy Love’ and ‘Mr. President’ which are also some of the strongest tracks on the record. ‘Beautiful’ which is a duet with Enrique Iglesias has been chosen at the second single but I’m surprised with this choice as it is the weakest song on the album. My personal favourite comes from the Pharrell Williams produced and RNB inspired ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’. This should have been the next single as it’s the strongest and catchiest track with a hook which will have you singing along after one listen. There are a couple of tracks which are just average and in the body of work are easily forgettable.

What this album needed was a stripped back ballad and jazz number like the tracks which were on her ‘Abbey Road Sessions album in 2012. Her vocals are sounding fantastic and she is experimenting with synthesisers again on her voice for the heavier dance influenced tracks. Kylie does have a very strong vocal range and this wasn’t really showcased on this album and if she did have a power ballad it would have. ‘Kiss Me Once’ is a strong comeback record for Kylie Minogue and will see the singer getting a lot of play in the clubs again with this collection of work.


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