ALBUM REVIEW: Lea Michele – Louder


Lea Michelle has had a rough last year but 2014 is looking up, Glee is back and her solo music career is finally being debuted to the world. ‘Cannonball’ which is the lead single is a strong pop track that almost sounds like something straight off Glee. It was a great song to debut to fans as her first release as it’s slightly cheesy and empowering. She was playing it a bit safe though as it’s what everyone expected from her and didn’t really make an impact. Thankfully her debut album ‘Louder’ steps up to the platform and delivers some incredible and powerful pop tracks that see’s her dabbling with rock and electro influences. ‘On My Own’ is one of the standout tracks with its up tempo chorus which has drum and synth leading the sound. Along with the title track ‘Louder’ they are the two most upbeat and fun songs on the record which will no doubt quickly become fan favourites.

‘Battlefield’ provides the strongest vocal delivery with the song revolving around a simple piano melody and Micheles’ magnificent vocals that leave you speechless. It’s a beautiful song lyrically and becomes an instant highlight and I personally hope radio picks up on this song very soon. ‘If You Say So’ is the rawest and emotional song on the album and is the fitting closing track on ‘Louder’. The song was co-written with Sia Furler about the death of her fiancé Cory Monteith who passed away last year. There are two songs which just don’t fit in this album; ‘Burn With You’ is just a awkward love song where she says “If you’re going to hell, I will burn with you”. And ‘You’re Mine’ is a bit of a mess as the verse’s are brilliant and builds up to a chorus which is embarrassingly tacky. However songs like ‘Thousand Needles’, ‘Cue The Rain’ and ‘Don’t Let Go’ master the right amount of love and pop without being overbearingly tacky.

‘Louder’ is a strong debut album from Lea Michele and really proves the singer can stand on her own away from Glee and still amaze. She has some of the strongest vocals in the industry and to hear her vocal range on this album is impressive. Fans of Glee and Michele’s previous works will enjoy this album as well as people who are willing to give it a proper listen you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.


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