LIVE REVIEW: Paramore – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


Paramore are known to put a pretty hectic live show on and they didn’t disappoint when they headlined the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on their ‘Self Titled World Tour’. The arena was in half capacity for the show with supports by Twenty One Pilots and You Me At Six’ and all three bands delivered with show stopping performances.
It’s safe to say Twenty One Pilots are one of the most entertaining and unique bands I have witnessed live. I don’t exactly know how to describe this two-piece from Ohio but imagine a fusion of rock, indie Pop, hip hop mixed with electronic beats. A very different sound but it worked very well with the whole crowd quite getting into it and enjoying their brief set. Their performance was full of energy and lead singer Tyler Joseph just effortlessly went from rapping and tearing up the stage to playing the piano and giving a standout vocal delivery. The crowd went off during ‘Car Radio’ and ‘Holding On To You’ which have both received a bit of radio play. If you haven’t heard of Twenty One Pilots before definitely check out their album Vessel because they are one band worth listening to.

You Me At Six were up next and this UK punk-pop band always impress with their high energy live performances that get stronger every time they come down under. The setlist was made up of mainly new material including ‘Reckless’, ‘Crash’, ‘Bite My Tongue’, Fresh Start Fever’ as well as fan favourite ‘Underdog’. They are returning to Australia in September for a national tour so stay tuned for all the tour details.

Paramore don’t mess around when it comes to their live shows and opening with ‘Grow Up’ they really proved why hundreds of bands try to imitate their success. The whole arena was in hysterics with the arrival of Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor and they gave Brisbane 90 minutes of punk/pop goodness. The setlist included a mix of old and new tracks with crowd favourites ‘That’s What You Get’, ‘Ignorance’ and ‘Now’ appearing earlier on in the set. Being the first show of the year and having a month off prior, the whole band were well rested and Hayley’s vocals were as strong as ever.

I have seen this band five times live and this was the strongest I’ve seen them. In past shows Hayley’s vocals have been quite strained because of lengthy tour schedules but this time we were able to witness her full ability and what a powerhouse vocalist she is. The show was segued with performances of their acoustic interludes that feature on the band’s new album. ‘Holiday’, ‘I’m Not Angry Anymore’ and ‘Moving On’ worked well with the atmosphere for the show and helped showcase Hayley’s incredible vocal range. Songs like ‘CrushCrushCrush’, ‘Only Exception and ‘Brick By Boring Brick’ had the whole arena singing along in unison and ‘Ain’t It Fun’ saw the band being joined onstage by the Hillsong church choir. One my personal favourite moments of the show was when the band performed ‘Last Hope’ and seeing everyone in the arena with their phones in their air swaying to the beat. Their audience interaction was on point with a lot of banter with the crowd and little things that made the whole crowd feel involved and apart of the show. It wouldn’t be a Paramore show without the band choosing a member of the crowd to go onstage to perform ‘Misery Business’ and a lucky fan got chosen to perform the bridge with the band onstage before they said goodnight. The band returned to the stage to perform ‘Part II’ and closed the show with their smash hit ‘Still Into You’ with confetti and balloons falling from the ceiling while the band took their final bow.  If you haven’t seen Paramore live before, I suggest you don’t miss them on their next visit to the country because they always impress and will leave you impressed and raving on about how incredible the show was.

Hayley Williams

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