LIVE REVIEW: Taylor Swift – Suncorp Stadium


There’s no denying that Taylor Swift is a world class performer and ‘The Red Tour’ see’s the singer continuing her domination. Her Australian tour saw Taylor Swift becoming the first female to headline Australian stadiums in over 2 decades and she did it in spectacular style.

Suncorp stadium was packed to the masses when the show begun with Taylors shadow being casted over a massive curtain before unveiling the massive stage during concert opener ‘State Of Grace’. This show was marked to be bigger than her last and she showed Brisbane she meant it with second song ‘Holy Ground’ when her dancers were catapulted in the air banging on drums to the infectious song. Taylor just has this sweet, innocent charm around her and when watching her show you can’t help but smile. Introducing the crowd to ‘Red’ she explained that the idea behind the song is that when writing songs she relates her feelings to colours and when you’re in love, heartbroken and angry the colour is Red and those were the recurrent feelings when writing that record. She had the crowd in awe with her bubbly personality, powerhouse vocals and her infectious smile but after ‘Red’ something noticeably went wrong.

The whole stadium went into pitch blackness for over 5 minutes with the crowd wondering what was happening. For this tour Taylor had an area called ‘The Pitt’ which was the exclusive standing zone in the middle of her stage where 400 fans had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the singer. During ‘Red’ the staging that the pitt was situated on collapsed which became unsafe for the fans and they had to be evacuated from the pitt. They then had to do security checks that the main stage wasn’t in jeopardy as it was connected. They evacuated all the pitt fans (including myself) into the aisles for the rest of the show as it was unsafe to return. Taylor gracefully addressed the situation telling the 40 thousand person crowd that “We’ve got some stuff that broke cause we have a lot of stuff that we brought with us as you can see” but re assured that the show will continue in a matter of minutes. She took the time to express her excitement of being nominated for the Record Of The Year at the Grammy’s which was a real cute and raw moment.  With the show resuming she went on to performing ‘The Lucky One’, ‘Mean’ and ‘22’ which saw the singer jump on one of her dancers back and run through the aisles of the stadium to the other end where a small B-stage was awaiting her arrival. It has become a tradition at Taylor’s show to have a B-stage where she gives people who have the ‘nose bleed’ tickets a front row experience. She acoustically performed one of her biggest hits ‘You Belong With Me’ as well as ‘Begin Again’ before launching into ‘Sparks Fly’ which saw her running through the crowd one last time back to the main stage finishing the song with fireworks.

The highlight of the show was her performance of ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ which started off with Taylor in a lovely ballroom gowns before removing it revealing a short dress and turning into a raunchy dub step number that had the whole stadium moving. ‘All Too Well’ saw Taylor winning over the crowd with her vocals and unique story telling while playing the piano. The end of the show came around too quickly with ‘Love Story’, ‘Treacherous’ and the circus styled performance of ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ closing the show with fireworks in the night sky around the stadium.

Taylor Swift always finds a way of constantly making each live show better than the last and this was one spectacle that will have people who attended that show talking for years to come. Her vocals were on point, her anecdotes were hilarious and had you smiling from ear to ear. She seemed a bit distant to the crowd for a few songs after the evacuation of the pitt as she didn’t quite know how to react as a lot of the show revolved around crowd interaction with that area. I personally don’t like stadiums as you lose the sound quality to the large venue and the intimacy that even an arena can hold but Taylor Swift made me thoroughly enjoy a stadium show.

Pitt Ticket Holder Note: If you attended the Brisbane Show on December 7 and were in The Pitt you can contact Ticketek for a FULL refund due to the collapse of the Pit.

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