LIVE REVIEW: Alicia Keys – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


Recently we have had an influx of tours where artist after artist are competing against each other to see who can have the biggest stage, out dance the other and have the most pyrotechnics light up their stage. So it’s a breath of fresh air when an artist like Alicia Keys sticks to her roots and gives a classy performance that you will never forget. The show was simple and elegant accompanied by a couple of male dancers and an incredible live band, Alicia took Brisbane through a set list of old and new favourites. She told her story throughout the songs with quirky anecdotes giving her outlook on life, love and heartbreak. She also showed Brisbane that she can dance and have a really good time on stage while performing completely live. Alicia worked between running around the stage and performing at her piano showcasing her raw talent while even playing the drums for ‘Girl On Fire’.

It wouldn’t be a pop show without a couple of outfit changes and Alicia had 3 beautiful costumes across the 90 minute show. Opening with ‘Empire State Of Mind, Part II: Broken Down’ she launched into ‘Karma’ which had the whole Arena on their feet dancing. She then continued the show performing favourites like ‘You Don’t Know My Name’, ‘Like You’ll Never See Me Again’, ‘Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart’ and ‘Fallin’. The second half of the show is when it all got quite serious with hit after hit dominating the setlist. Songs like ‘Brand New Me’, ‘If I Ain’t Got You’, ‘No One’, ‘New Day’ and ‘Girl On Fire’ getting the whole crowd back up on their feet to finish the show with a bang. ‘Empire State Of Mind’ closed the show with a massive sing along and an incredible visual display. Alicia Keys proved to the Australian audiences that you don’t need all the gadgets to make a memorable and lasting impression through a live show. Her vocals are mesmerising and I had gossebumps on my arms the whole concert which has never happened before. She gave her all into the performance and left the Brisbane crowd wanting more making it safe to say it’s one of the best show’s I have attended.

Supporting Alicia Key’s on her Australian tour is John Legend who currently has the number one song in the country with ‘All Of Me’. The singer wowed the packed arena tonight with his on point vocal showcase getting the crowd up on their feet on multiple occasions. Highlights of the set included ‘Save The Night’, ‘Ordinary People’, ‘All Of Me’ as well as a brilliant cover of ‘Dancing In The Dark’ from Bruce Springsteen.

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