LIVE REVIEW: XFactor Live Tour – Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Dami 2

There was no denying that this year’s series of The X Factor Australia had some of the most talented contestants that the Australian version of the show has ever had. With Dami Im being crowned the winner after show stopping performances every week, fans of the show were dying to witness these performances live.

The Brisbane Entertainment Centre was packed with fans all awaiting the arrival of their favourite performers to hit the stage. Dami, Taylor, Jai, Third D3gree and Jiordan kicked the show off with an electric group performance of ‘Laserlight’ by Jessie J. It was then that the solo performances commenced starting with Jiordan Tiolli. Jiordan was one of the competitions strongest and unique vocalists. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful as she belts out a ballad rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and gives you Goosebumps during ‘Stay’ (Rihanna). I definitely found myself questioning why she didn’t go further in the competition with a voice like that which outshone the likes of the youngest performer Jai. Jiordan also performed a very convincing cover of ‘Royals’ (Lorde) and had the whole crowd singing when she brought the house down with an incredible vocal delivery of ‘Burn’ (Ellie Goulding).

Next up were the party starters Third D3gree who got the entire crowd up on their feet dancing to their infectious dance/pop beats. Performing covers of ‘#ThatPower’ (Will.Iam feat Justin Bieber), Til The World Ends’ (Britney Spears), ‘Dedication To My Ex’ (Lloyd) as well as their debut single ‘Different Kind Of Love’ they showcased why they were favourites from the beginning. Kelebek is an amazing rapper and she delivers with a feisty performance where you can’t help but throw your hands up and clap. I’m not going to lie to you when I say Jacinta probably has the strongest vocals on that stage, she is a powerhouse performer and effortlessly hits these high notes. Jordan was hit and miss during the competition but he’s warmed up to performing live and his vocals are stronger than ever and you can tell he’s very comfortable now.

The crowd went into hysterics with the arrival of Jai Waetford on stage and this young singer/songwriter sure knows how to make girls and mothers alike go crazy. There’s no denying the kid is talented but he’s simply just too young. His vocals during the performance were a bit off and moments that should have been perfected seemed messy. His performance of his original song ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ was over produced and lost the raw acoustic feel which made people fall in love with him at his audition. I would have loved to see him do some tracks acoustically and just let his vocals really shine. He performed his versions of ‘Plans’ (Birds Of Tokyo), ‘That Should Be Me’ (Justin Bieber), ‘Fix You’ (Coldplay) and ‘Dynamite’ (Taio Cruz). One thing Jai is great at is audience interaction, he knows how to get them involved and even brought a little girl on stage to serenade during his single ‘Your Eyes’ which was a very cute moment.

The cast was reunited on stage to perform James Arthur’s smash hit ‘impossible’ and ‘Can You Feel It’ (Jackson 5) before the solo performances resumed. Taylor Henderson was up next and had Brisbane on his side as soon as he took step on that stage. Taylor is a born performer and easily stole tonight’s show with an incredible vocal delivery. Performing his versions of ‘Dont Wake Me Up’ (Avici), ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ (Cyndi Lauper), ‘Horses’ (Daryl Braithwaite) and ‘I Will Wait’ (Mumford And Sons) he wowed the crowd. He was caught out not actually playing the guitar when he was out of synch with “playing” and audio actually being heard. Taylor is a true performer running across the stage doing daggy dancing and using his unique sense of humour to capture the audience’s attention.  He closed his set with his number one debut single ‘Borrow My Heart’ before saying goodnight to the Brisbane crowd.

Dami Im was the girl who had the whole of Australia captivated and in awe every single Sunday night delivering show stopping performances that had you simply mind blown. Sadly tonight Brisbane didn’t get the normal Dami spectacular due to the singer losing her voice with her voice dropping in and out and making the high notes almost impossible to project. But she kept trying delivering an amazing performance that still had you wondering how she does it. She performed ‘One’ (U2), ‘Purple Rain’ (Prince), ‘And I’m Telling You’ (Jennifer Hudson) as well as ‘Roar’ (Katy Perry). Closing her set with ‘Alive’ Dami got the crowd to help sing the majority of the song with her vocals noticeably been damaged throughout her set. Dami has the X Factor but also has the cute factor that you can’t help but fall in love with the genuine pop star. Her vocals weren’t to her normal standard but she still delivered a better vocal performance than most international performers who come to Australia

The X Factor Tour Live Show was a great night out for fans to get up close and personal with their favourite contestants from the competition. However I think the tour should have been at the beginning of the year as it would have allowed the artists to grow as individuals and perfect their live performances. It would have also allowed them to do a few corporate gigs and performances which would have helped them get used to performing a number of songs in a row. I believe that’s what has ruined Dami’s voice as she hasn’t had much experience in performing long sets. All in all, it was a great night of music and talent and had everyone walking away with smiles on their face.


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