SINGLE REVIEW: Dylan Cartwright – Downbeat

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Dylan Cartwright is a name that is quickly gaining momentum with teenage girls around Australia falling in love with this quirky YouTube personality. The singer/songwriter was a part of the band Elephants Laundry who broke up a couple of months ago. Following this announcement Dylan announced he was going solo and further pursing his dream.

‘Downbeat’ is Dylan’s debut single and an impressive first taste as to what people can expect from his solo material. This indie pop track is very commercial and is musically similar to what is popular on radio at the moment. The hook is catchy and will easily get stuck in your head with the line “I crash into the downbeat of silence” repeating over and over again. There’s no denying his natural talent with his vocals shining bright in this track and showcasing his wide range. When he was in the band ‘Elephants Laundry’ his vocals were never highlighted or focused on where the fans never got to see how talented he actually is. Going solo was the best direction for Dylan as he has the whole package with ‘Downbeat’ proving that he can produce decent solo singles. This is not the last you will hear of Dylan Cartwright, stay tuned to hear new tracks from the singer/songwriter with his debut EP being released in nearly 2014.

‘Downbeat’ by Dylan Cartwright is available on ITunes now

Dylan Cartwright is touring Australia this January supporting Lij Gilmour on his national tour. You can catch the two live at the following dates;

Lij Gilmour Tour

Saturday January 18 – Sydney – The Lair @ The Metro Theatre – Tickets:

Sunday January 19 – Melbourne – Wrangler Studios – Tickets:

Saturday February 1 – Brisbane – The Hive @ Fortitude Valley PCYC – Tickets:

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