LIVE REVIEW: Justin Bieber – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


Justin Bieber has only been in Australia for less than a week and already has created quite the stir down under. He kicked of his Australian tour with two shows in Brisbane with the singer delivering a show stopping performance on his first night in Australia.

The stage erupted in fireworks with Justin popping up from under the stage to kick the show off with fan favourite ‘All Around The World’. The majority of the set list for the show was compiled with songs from his recent album ‘Believe’ with ‘Take You’, ‘Catching Feelings’, ‘Die In Your Arms’ and my favourite Bieber track ‘She Don’t Like The Lights’ taking up the earlier half of the set. An early highlight of the show was when he performed a medley of songs from his debut album ‘My World’ which included ‘One Time’, ‘Eenie Meenie’ and ‘Somebody To Love’. This ignited the whole crowd in hysterical screaming with Justin staring out to the sea of girls with his cheeky smile. Performing alongside him was an incredible live band who really brought these songs to life giving them the edge that some of the studio recordings lacked. ‘Out Of Town Girl’ is a prime example of this, it was a B-side track on the album but a highlight of the night in the live show.

Halfway through the show it was time to slow things down for a bit, joined by his long time guitarist Dan Kanter they were ready to show off Justin’s real talent, his voice. Acoustically performing ‘Be Alright’, ‘Fall’ and new single ‘All That Matters’ Justin’s vocals really shined and he seemed to be in his element. He then fastened things up again with an electrifying performance of ‘Never Say Never’ followed by ‘Beauty And A Beat’. Up next was the biggest tradition of any Justin Bieber show, the performance of ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ where he serenades a girl on stage and gives them a bouquet of roses. This moment is always a beautifully touching moment as you get to see a girls dream come true with the reactions always being priceless. The show starts coming to a close with the performances of ‘As Long As You Love Me’ and the inspiring piano ballad ‘Believe’ which he performs Shirtless before vanishing off the stage. He then comes back on once again shirtless to properly close the show with ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Baby’ with fireworks going off and vowing to be back down under very soon. The show is segued perfectly with interludes including personal footage of Justin as a baby and growing up and tells a bit of his story while costume changes are occurring. The choreography for this tour is amazing and leaves you in awe from all these crazily talented performers. Justin showcased his musical talent by playing the piano as well as drums proving to the doubters that he is a real musician. His charisma and personality shined bright on the first night being quite cheeky with the crowd and having a lot of fun with the performance.

Justin had two shows in Brisbane as a part of his ‘Believe World Tour’. The first show was surprisingly empty with a bit of the arena cut off due to lack of ticket sales. The second night was however sold out and his fans came out in force to get a last glimpse of the global superstar before he flew to Sydney. But did he deliver? The first night he was on his game, giving an incredible vocal and showmanship performance that left the audience in awe and simply wanting more. The second night sadly did nothing but leave a bad taste in your mouth. The singer was 90 minutes late on stage and seemed quite distant to the crowd constantly rushing the show. He cut ‘Fall’ from the setlist on the second night which is a major fan favourite and didn’t take the time to speak to the crowd as much as he did the night before. He also forgot lyrics and relied a lot on the backing track.  For a sold out show there was no effort and personally as a Justin Bieber fan I was disappointed with how he dealt with the show and the fact he didn’t apologise at all for being 90 minutes late. I’m just glad I went both nights because he was on his game the first night and delivered a show stopping performance which was easily the best I had seen him perform live before.





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