ALBUM REVIEW: Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP 2

Marshall Mathers 2

Eminem has never been afraid to speak his mind and his albums don’t shy away from shocking and impressing. He offends, that’s what he does best and this album delivers. On ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’ he targets gays and his homophobia, murder, demon battling, fame, family as well as addressing his many feuds. The album is not groundbreaking nor is it his most shocking material but it keeps the fan happy and impresses. It features the singles ‘Berzerk’ and ‘The Monster’ which thanks to Rihanna has gained a lot of mainstream airplay. He has a few other collaborations on the record including Skylar Grey, Kendrick Lamar and Nate Ruess from Fun. He also has a few uncredited vocals from up and coming artists who provide vocals for the choruses.

One of the main highlights on the album is ‘Headlights’ which is the collaboration between Eminem and Nate Ruess from Fun. This will be a definite future single with a catchy hook and a rap that feels like an open book. Other highlights are; ‘Legacy’, ‘Asshole’, ‘Survival’ and ‘Stronger Than I Was’. The majority of the album is impressing with a lot of angry raps which make your heart race and think about what he means. It’s not his best album nor is it a bad record. It’s decent and will keep his fans undeniably happy. You can see Eminem in concert next year when he returns to Australia for 3 stadium shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. You can find details for the tour here;

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