In the past five years Lady Gaga has quickly made herself one of the biggest names in the music industry. Continually shocking and impressing with her elaborate performances and making headlines every time she hits the red carpet. Gaga has shown no sign of slowing down with the release of her highly anticipated third studio album. ‘ARTPOP’ is an EDM record that has been perfected to the extent where on a couple of tracks it sounded overworked. The majority of her last album was dark and highly controversial but this record sees her dropping that image and having some fun. The themes of ‘ARTPOP’ are more sexually explicit and includes a few references to drugs which she has been very open about. The structure of the songs are quite simple with the main focus on the well crafted hooks. However her vocals have taken a toll on the album with the singer experimenting with different vocal techniques. Her voice is sounding very robotic on a lot of the verses and gets annoying quite quickly. ‘Gypsy’ is where her real vocal strength is showcased with this up tempo piano ballad becoming an instant favourite with its pure vocals and lyrics.

‘Jewels N’ Drugs’ is a collaboration featuring T.I, Too $hort and Twista where we see a different side of the singer. She successfully takes on rap and delivers a very catchy hook that will have the song stuck in your head for hours. Gaga also takes on a rock influenced track called ‘Manicure’ where she experiments with rock inspired synths. EDM dance is the main musical trend with ‘Donatella’, ‘Aura’ and ‘Swine’ being the best representations of this new sound. I’m going to be quite blunt here when I say Dope’ is the worst song on ‘ARTPOP’. Her vocals sound terrible and the song sounds lazy and is a very hard song to like.

The highlights on ‘ARTPOP’ are Gypsy’ and ‘Aura’ as well as the sexually driven ‘G.U.Y, ‘Sexx Dreams’ and ‘Do What U Want’. This album does deliver with minimal disappointment, making it one of her best releases yet.

Lady Gaga has also confirmed to an Australian fan that she will be returning down under to Sydney in February for a promotional visit. Stay tuned for all the details to be announced shortly.

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