LIVE REVIEW: Beyonce – Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Opening for Queen Bey is one of my personal favourite artists, Iggy Azalea. This Australian rapper has made quite the name for herself overseas, and she returned home touring Australia for the first ever time. This girl knows how to interact with the crowd and make them dance which is hard for any support act. Opening with ‘Beat Down’ Iggy performed a very short but energetic set containing her hit singles ‘Bounce’, ‘Change Your Life’ and ‘Work’. She also treated her home crowd to a performance of ‘My World’ from her first mix tape ‘Ignorant Art’ which made the long-time fans like myself very very happy. I would have loved to have seen Iggy perform for longer and do more tracks from her mix tapes but she didn’t disappoint at all and made the wait worth it. She also showcased her twerking skills educating Brisbane how real twerking is actually done. This performance was very impressive definitely with the fact that she had her wisdom teeth pulled out a few hours before the show. Iggy Azalea is a rising star, you won’t forget the name.

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Beyonce’ is easily one of the biggest names in the music industry and she rightfully has the biggest live production I have ever seen. Emerging from the smoke she opens with recent hit ‘Run The World (Girls)’ with pyrotechnics lighting up the stage announcing her arrival. She launches into a two hour show with a set list of her greatest hits and she doesn’t disappoint, not even the slightest. She commands the crowd tonight in Brisbane to not sit down, to dance the night away and enjoy these moments that we all get to share together. Her crowd interaction is on point and sees her playfully interact with the crowd during songs like ‘Get Me Bodied’ doing a call and response version of the song.

‘If I Were A Boy’ should have been one of the show stealing moments however the bass was way too loud during the first verse that it just killed the moment. However she did do an impressive mash up hallway through the song where she breaks into The Verves’ classic hit ‘Bittersweet Symphony’.

Her choreography is flawless and she doesn’t miss a beat throughout the entire show. Joined by some of the best dancers you will ever witness including ‘The Les Twins’ who bring a cheeky and fun charisma with them that had the whole audience smiling and in awe with the way they could make their bodies move. There were a lot of video interludes throughout this show and at times they were a bit frustrating as she would perform two songs then run off stage and there would be another video. However these video interludes aren’t your normal dodgy videos they are actually pieces of art and are incredible to watch.


Halfway through the show Beyonce re-appears standing on a grand piano belting out ‘1+1’ from her recent album ‘4’. This is one of the standout moments from the show because it’s where you realise how powerful and incredible her vocals actually are. At the end of the song she fly’s over the crowd with gold confetti falling from the ceiling to the back of the arena where the ‘Bey Stage’ is awaiting her arrival. ‘Irreplaceable’ sees her getting up close and personal with fans allowing a lucky few to sing some lines of the song with her. ‘Love On Top’ follows as well as a short version of Destiny Child mega hit ‘Survior’ before flying over the crowd one more time.

She re-appears on the main stage performing ‘Crazy In Love’ with one of the loudest sing a longs of the night. Beyonce then addresses the crowd that the show isn’t over and gives them one song they have been dying to hear. ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’ erupts the sold out arena with everyone attempting the famous music video choreography. New single ‘Grown Woman’ “closes” the show with confetti once again falling from the ceiling but that’s not exactly where the show finishes. Returning to the stage dedicating ‘I Will Always Love You’ to the incredible life and career of Whitney Houston, Beyonce gives a tear worthy tribute to ms Houston followed by closing number ‘Halo’ which brings the whole audience to their feet in an standing ovation.

Beyonce is a real artist, she can sing (incredibly well may I add), she can dance and she sure knows how to entertain a sold out crowd. She gave Brisbane her all and you can tell that she enjoys performing on stage as she doesn’t stop smiling and thanking the crowd. If there is one artist you have to see in your lifetime, it has to be Beyonce.

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