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Slip On Stereo are a Brisbane band who are making a huge impact on the Brisbane music scene with their high energy live performances and catchy songs. Their new single Mercury is out now and have a debut EP due for release very shortly. Check out my Q&A with lead vocalist Zeek Power below;

1. Slip On Stereo is finally releasing their debut EP, what can people expect from this release?

The EP will showcase our diversity as a band in regard to what we can produce in a studio environment and transitioning the energy from our live performance onto a track. We’ve also got a slower jam which we rarely get to play at shows and hopefully listeners can connect with what they’re hearing in the music and the lyrics.

2. The band had a brief stint on Australia’s Got Talent, how did this experience open you guys up as a band to the entertainment industry?

It was a great eye opener for us, especially being a relatively young band. We got to see the inner workings of how a production of that scale operates and also walked away from it with the understanding that not everything is how it appears on TV. And we’ll leave it there.. haha

3. Your live performance is full of energy and always gets the crowd moving. In your past experiences what is the key to the perfect live performance? And how would you best describe your live set to people who have never seen you live before?

We’ve found that at the start of a set, in any environment, if the crowd doesn’t know who you are, they’re going to be very stand offish because they want to observe and draw some sort of conclusion to who you are and what you sound like. Because our music is so up-beat and high energy, we use that as a bridge to connect with them on a personal level and show that what they hear is just the reflection of the people they’re watching. We’re all very chill and down to Earth guys and we want to be able to interact with a crowd from a stage the same way we would if we were sitting on a beach jamming on a guitar together.

And for those who haven’t seen us live yet, just be prepared to get out of your shell and dance a little, sing a lot, and walk away knowing you’ve made 4 new friends after it’s all over.

4. ‘Mercury’ is the lead single for the new EP and showcases an upbeat pop/urban/rock sound. What are the other four tracks on the EP like?

The other 4 tracks range in style from island reggae to a more sombre ‘soft alt’ if you wanted to call it that. Because we only have 5 opportunities [5 songs] to connect with a ton of different people, we wanted to make sure there was hopefully something in there that everyone could enjoy. Expect some cool synth lines and harmonies thrown in for good measure too.

5. Lyrically how do the songs you have written reflect you as individuals?

I write the majority of the songs at the moment and Clint [lead guitarist] writes a bunch as well so when they’re originally brought to the table for workshopping, they’re lyrically reflecting some sort of emotion, experience or idea that either of us have had personally. Once they’re ‘meated’ out, we’re all able to add personal touch to the work in a way that gives ownership to all four of us.

6. As a band who are your musical influences and would you say your sound has been based around those influences?

We’ve had a ton of influences, especially with all of us coming from different musical backgrounds. From old school Motown, to modern RnB & Pop and then Alternative Rock/Punk – The list goes on. Because of this, our sound has definitely been loosely based around all of these influences at the start of forming. However, we’re constantly striving to be less compared to another band and be more acknowledged as great artists in our own right.

7. What is your favourite thing about the Brisbane music scene?

We love the growth in acceptance to live music in general. Over the last couple years, we’ve seen lots of amazing venues have to close down because of lack of support but it’s slowly on the up and we love being a part of the journey with everyone. Brisbane’s scene is also great because it’s quite close knit within the networks, making it vital to form strong contacts in different avenues of the industry.

8. Where did the name Slip On Stereo come from?

The name was brought up out of the idea that slip-on shoes are a huge necessity here in Oz with our Summer lifestyle because they’re easy to get on and comfortable to wear at any time of the day. We wanted our music to have that same affect on people when they listened to one of our songs. Music that’s easy to slip in to and chill with – regardless of the time of day.

9. I want to introduce each member of the band to the readers, so tell us an interesting fact about each one of you?

Zeek: Can recite Toy Story 1 & 2 + Mulan word for word

Clint: Was the original Bass player for Australian award winning band “Busby Marou”

Ash: Could’ve went pro in Boxing

Phil: Can’t sleep without his ‘special pillow’ and freaks out if he forgets it on tour [sorry Phil! haha]

10. Do you believe that the music industry these days focuses on Imagery over artistry?

I think that the two go hand in hand to a certain degree. There’s definitely a requirement for an artist to have a certain visual appeal to an audience but in saying that, I do believe the actual skill and ability of a performer has sadly been overshadowed by the demand for  ‘eye candy’ as of late.

 11. Here are a few sentences that you have to complete with the first thing that comes to your head…  

– My ultimate music festival line up would be… MJ// Al Green// Bruno Mars// Beetles// Johnny Cash// Twenty One Pilots// MUTEMATH// JT// Relient K// Adam Young// Jon Gibson// Stevie Wonder// Jay Z + Linkin Park// Ed Sheeran

– If our name wasn’t Slip On Stereo I would want it to be… I once made the suggestion to be called “Skyward Heroes” because I was playing Zelda a lot at the time.. haha

– If I had superpowers they would be… Powers of “The Flash” with the intelligence, gadgets and Suit of Batman.

– I don’t usually…Brush my teeth before drinking Orange Juice

– I would never…Brush my teeth before drinking Orange Juice

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