ALBUM REVIEW: Katy Perry – Prism


Katy Perry has continued her reign on the music industry with the release of her recent single ‘Roar’ dominating the top spot of the charts worldwide and overshadowing the releases of artists like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. ‘Prism’ is Katy Perry’s third studio album and it’s just been released and doesn’t disappoint, much. There is so much hype surrounding this record because ‘Roar’ and the promo singles have done so well on the charts and have been really strong releases. I couldn’t help but be a tiny bit disappointed by the last quarter of the album as the songs just didn’t have that magic or standout moments that the rest had.

The albums sound is mainly pop with a bit of dance and RNB influences throughout the album with Katy slightly rapping on ‘This Is How We Do’. The image for this album is a bit darker with the lyrics and themes not as universally friendly and relatable as her previous releases. Her last album was very cheeky and fun with a lot of humour incorporated into her songs where as this album doesn’t follow that trend. She however revisits the ‘Teenage Dream’ sound with the ultra pop/fun track ‘Birthday’ which will most likely become a single later down the track. She is opening up a lot more into her personal life with some of the slower songs delving into her failed relationships and the crazy life she lives. It’s a real album lyrically and ditches the songs all about partying and beaches and gives the listener what they want which is get to know the real Katy.

Standout tracks from ‘Prism’ are ‘Legendary Lovers, ‘Dark Horse’, Walking On Air’, ‘This Moment’, ‘By The Grace Of God’ and ‘ This Is How We Do’. Where tracks like ‘Ghost’ and ‘Double Rainbow’ take a bit longer to grow on you. From a first couple of listens I still haven’t made my mind up on ‘Prism’ because there are some fantastic standout tracks but there are quite a handful of average songs too. It will however no doubt still be a massive success and help her continue her reign on the music industry and is an album you should include in your music collection.



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